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It all started back in 1975 when Cas Dippenaar and Andre Coetzee completed their articles together at one of the major accounting firms present in South Africa at the time. Cas started his employment at UNISA after completing his articles, where he and Andre met once again. In July 1979 Cas decided to leave UNISA to establish his own auditing firm, where Andre later joined. The firm was initially located at the Barclay’s centre in Lyttelton, whereafter it moved to the Multicom centre, also located in Lyttelton. The firm moved once more in 1989 to its present location.

In 1984 a partnership was established between Cas and Andre and was later converted into an association. This firm became known as Dippenaar, Coetzee and Partners.

Pieter Viljoen started his articles at Dippenaar, Coetzee and Partners in 1996 and advanced to the manager in 2000. Pieter obtained his B.com Accounting degree from The University of Pretoria and qualified as a CA(SA) in 2005. Pieter became a partner in 2005 and is currently still one of two partners at the firm. Pieter has spent 22 years with DCV Auditors and that has afforded him vast experience and knowledge in the industry and all aspects of the profession.

Jaco Eloff joined as a partner during 1996 after completing his articles at another Pretoria firm. Jaco took up another career opportunity in 2008. Thereafter Cas decided to sell his share of the firm to Andre and Pieter.

Peet Swanepoel started his articles in 2004 at Dippenaar, Coetzee and Partners, and after completing them under the guidance of Andre Coetzee in 2006, advanced to the manager in 2007. He obtained his B.com Accounting degree from Rand Afrikaanse University (RAU, now UJ) and qualified as a CA(SA) in 2009. Peet became a partner in 2010 and remains a partner of the firm. Peet has been with DCV Auditors for 14 years.

Dippenaar, Coetzee and Partners were affectionately known as DCV by our clients. After the passing of Andre in 2015, Pieter and Peet decided to change the name. As the firm has a strong history and is also well known in the Centurion area, they decided to keep with what is known and changed the name to DCV Auditors.

DCV Auditors is a registered training office for SAICA and SAIPA and we are registered with the finance and accounting services sector seta, Fasset.

DCV Auditors is still in the same building and still retain the same values and professionalism that the firm was founded on from the start.